7 Dumb Small Business Mistakes
(That You Can’t Afford)

Small businesses are fabulous, but let’s face it, everyone does dumb stuff sometimes.

Here are 7 mistakes that you can’t afford to make, especially now. And just for fun, you also get a post about the dumb mistakes big companies make, too.

7 Dumb Things Small Businesses Do

#1: Deciding You’re “Just Not Good” at Marketing
“I have the best handknitted dog sweaters/organic tattoo parlor/gourmet hair products in the city. I’m getting some clients here and there, but you know, I’m just not good at marketing . . . ”

#2: Going Without a Business Plan
“Ugh, crap, business plan. Can’t I just stab my eye with a fork and we’ll call it good?”

#3: Getting Upside-Down
He’s fired everyone and moved back to his basement. If he works incredibly hard, he might someday sell the business and come close to breaking even.

#4: Thinking It’s About You
His prospects and customers were just incredibly inconvenient to his vision of what the company ought to be.

#5: The Worst Number
If there’s an important “one” in your business, you don’t have a business. You have a project that may or may not continue to make money.

#6: Ingratitude
Even in the midst of all this financial panic and freefall, there is a nice big pot of delicious money sitting on the table for you.

#7: Following the Herd
Monkey see, monkey do. But humans are a lot better at that game than monkeys are.

And your special bonus post:

7 Things Big Dumb Companies Do That You Can’t Afford (Especially Now).
Scale is the enemy of mystery. It’s the enemy of creativity. Scale needs robust, unchanging processes or it falls to pieces.

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