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Sonia Simone, founding partner of Copyblogger Media

Sonia Simone is chief content officer and a founding partner of Copyblogger Media, a software and education business built on the strength of content marketing.

For more than 15 years, Sonia has designed and implemented advanced content strategy that drives meaningful business results. She's also known as one of the best writers out there for creating relationship-building content — the kind that leads to real, sustainable revenue.

Take advantage of Sonia's expertise to bring your site the polish, authority, and strategic focus that Copyblogger has enjoyed for nearly a decade.

  • Brian Clark
    “Sonia is one of the best writers in the content marketing space, period. Her unique mix of expertise, sass, and empathy clearly demonstrate how a distinctive voice can lead to content that resonates with the right people.” - Copyblogger founder and CEO Brian Clark
    Brian Clark

Special Offer: March only

If you've come here from my Copyblogger article on documented content strategy, I have a special offer available.

My comprehensive, done-for-you documented content marketing strategy is normally $12,500. For up to three clients this month, I'm offering the service for $9,500. Get started on a more effective web presence and get a great deal while you're at it.

Learn more about the strategy package here.

OK, that's enough third-person. :)

The fact is, with the sale of a division of our company in 2018, I have something I haven't had for many years — time to work one-on-one with a handful of selected clients.

  • If your website doesn't convey the badass that you truly are,
  • If you've been settling for "good enough" for too long, and your site is starting to make you cringe, or ...
  • If your copy, conversion, and content strategy feel like they need to work more tightly together ...

We should talk.

Content strategy isn't a "nice-to-have"

Effective content strategy will take interested prospects and sustain their attention until they become loyal (maybe even fanatic) customers.

And along the way, it bolsters your authority and credibility like very little else can — with influencers in your industry, with the media, and with search engines.

A smart content strategist understands the sales cycle throughout all the stages of buyer awareness, and delivers the right content at the right time.

That means you don't push the prospect beyond what they're ready for — but you do nurture and educate them and make it easy for them to decide to buy.

Content-focused conversion helps you get the best business outcomes from your entire audience, not just the 2-3% who are ready to buy today. It also primes your customers to direct lots of repeat and referral business to you.


I still have important responsibilities at Copyblogger Media.

So I've packaged my availability into tightly focused offerings that will get you results — without taking a ton of your time.

The 2-Day Win

We'll take two business days to dive deeply into your content. We'll find any "authority leaks," make sure your strategy is sharp, and refine or create powerful material.

We can take that time to work with your team, or I can work on your site myself — you and I can decide together what will work best for your needs.

On-site options are available, depending on timing, and are subject to additional fees for travel costs.

Spaces for this service are limited, but at the moment I can normally get you onto my calendar within 30 days.

Click here to submit an application

The Content Strategy Package

This package includes research, a thorough audit of your content strategy, and detailed recommendations for a content marketing strategy that meets your business goals.

Limited Time Offer: This package is normally priced at $12,500, and can dramatically improve the results you're seeing from your content marketing. For up to three clients this month, I'm offering the package for $9,500.

Get your content marketing firing on all cylinders, and get a great price.

Click here for more details about the Content Strategy package

The "Great First Impressions" Site Review

Let's pick some of that low-hanging fruit. This budget-friendly site audit will reveal your quickest opportunities for improvement, with a focus on making a fantastic first impression on your prospects and leads.

I'll take a close look at your site and content strategy, and deliver a video report (with transcription) that highlights exactly where to put your time and budget for the best payoff.

Current availability for this service is good, and I can typically complete your review within 2-3 weeks. Once you book the review, I'll get back to you and give you a more precise turnaround time.

Click here to book your review (No application required.)

Deeper Transformation (very limited availability)

If you're ready for a more powerful transformation in your web presence, I have a few spots available for a deep review and refreshment of your site copy.

This is the perfect solution for a founder who's looking to be taken seriously as a thought leader, and needs a web presence that lets their authority shine.

Because I must set aside a significant block of time for this service, spaces are extremely limited. This package is not suitable for businesses that are just starting out — it's intended for profitable companies whose message needs to reflect their strength and maturity.

I have 4 slots available for this service in 2019.

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Get started with a "Great First Impressions" site review

Get a fast start on improving your site with a detailed review of your copy and content strategy. The review includes a 30-minute private consultation on my findings and recommended next steps.

Book an in-depth website review
2-Day Win

2 focused days to spend as you wish. We can work on content strategy, conversion issues, authority strategies, or other needs you may have.

Or you can bring me in to teach your team how to create copy and content like a founder.

On-site options are available for most regions (additional travel costs will apply)