• Get it done

    A proven framework for getting your creative work done ... consistently

  • Make it excellent

    Advice and support on making your writing shine

  • Find your audience

    Get your work seen by more of the right people

  • A "zero overwhelm" system

    No long tutorials. No material you're going to feel "behind" if you miss. Just plug in and get creative.

What if you could write 10 more great pages ... every week?

Join us in a supportive environment that will help you get your most important projects done.

It starts with our writer's creative retreat, available instantly when you join.

Join us for a two-week (virtual) writing retreat and take your writing to new levels of creativity and confidence

The Remarkable Writer's Workshop has historically been one of the most popular and effective programs I've ever created. I designed it to help content writers bring more artistry, polish, and vibrancy to their work.

In 2021, the workshop was re-created in an all-new, ultra useful format:

The Creative Fierce Content Writer's Retreat

It's been my intention for years now to hold a private, intimate writing retreat in Norway, where we can work together to unlock our greatest writing potential.

Thanks to the pandemic, we're not quite ready for that ... but this is the next best thing (and a lot easier on your credit card).

The retreat consists of 8 lectures that explore ways to make our writing more vivid, more distinctive, and more excellent.

Because excellent writing is the kind of writing that gets results.

We'll also get the chance to hang out together virtually — so you can implement all of the new techniques you'll be learning. (We offer sessions in three time zones, to make it easy to find a time that suits you.)

You'll find that our friendly accountability system lets you consistently get more writing done — as much as an extra 10 pages (or more) a week.

Whether you want to pick up a couple of new freelance clients, consistently write your blog or newsletter, or finally finish your book, this is the perfect container for you to make it happen.

Bonus workshop: The Excellent, Sustainable Blog

You'll also have immediate access to a four-day workshop on how to start (or restart) your own excellent, sustainable blog. We'll be talking about:

  • The elements of a blog that builds a loyal audience
  • A structure that shows you exactly what to write about
  • How to structure your blog so it serves your goals ... as well as your audience's
  • A simple, powerful framework to produce great content every week (for years, if you want to)

Bonus workshop: Smarter Email Marketing

This three-day workshop is being recorded live the first week in August. Sonia will help you create an email newsletter that fits realistically into your schedule, and that works with your blog to further your project goals.

This is the writing course you'll actually finish

We all have courses and workshops gathering dust on our hard drives. (And some of them were really pricy!)

Our workshops won't take up your whole day. And we focus on practical tips you can start using right away.

Then, live implementation sessions give you a dedicated place to practice what you're learning. Put your learning to use in your next blog post, podcast script, email, or any other kind of content you create regularly.

We think you'll be surprised at how effective these focus sprints can be to get you writing more and implementing your new techniques.

Lots of productivity-boosting bonuses

Jump in and you'll also get immediate access to a hand-picked selection of podcast-style workshops on productivity, writing voice, and creative journaling.

Any time that works for you, you can throw on some headphones, head out for a walk, and start learning our best techniques for getting more writing (and everything else) done.

Finally, you'll receive a free "What's Next" call with our co-founder, Torill Wilhelmsen. She'll help you zero in on your creative and professional priorities and get the most out of the retreat resources.

If you like, you can book additional "What's Next" calls with any of our three founders at a reasonable additional fee.

This is the resource that will change everything for you

Our framework has already changed the lives of dozens of writers and digital business owners — and we're ready for you!

Join us now for unlimited access to everything we have to offer, including the retreat, the bonus workshops on blogging and email, and unlimited implementation sessions as long as you keep your membership current.

Working together, we're going to:

Get it done with a sustainable, burnout-free framework to ship your work.

Make it excellent with proven techniques and advice that create excellent writing.

Grow your audience with "invisibility removal" to get your work seen.


Yes, I'm ready

Creative Fierce is led by three fierce founders who have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and writers.

Meet the Founders of Creative Fierce

Give yourself two weeks and we'll make you a better writer ... for good

Get started today

Join now and you'll get instant access to our eight-day writing retreat, as well as the bonus workshops on blogging and email marketing.

Together, they'll help you write work that's both creative and strategic.

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What's Creative Fierce?


Creative Fierce is more than just a retreat ... it's a framework

Sonia Simone designed the Creative Fierce program to support your ability to write content that's creative, engaging, and strategic ... and to be able to do that consistently, month after month. The framework combines:

  • Retreat workshops on the craft of writing, to make your writing shine
  • Supportive, friendly accountability in group coworking and goal-setting sessions, so you get lots more work done
  • Dedicated workshops on content strategy and promotion, so your writing gets the results you're looking for

We even offer optional one-on-one calls to learn what you're working on and see how we can help you meet your individual goals.

No other program pairs supportive accountability with focused, real-world training the way that we do ... and certainly not at this price point. Keep reading for more details about how we help content marketers become more prolific and more confident.

The Retreat: Two weeks of writing mastery

Make your writing shine with our two-week retreat for craft and creativity

Creative confidence comes from mastery of craft

Creative Fierce is all about supporting content creators so they can get more work done.

But it's also about getting the advice and techniques to bring your work to a higher level.

When you join Creative Fierce, you'll have instant access to our two-week (eight lectures) writing retreat.

Rather than long "information firehose" courses with endless modules that you never seem to get to, these are focused sessions.You'll come away with advanced writing techniques you can implement right away.

Week One (four days): Finding your voice as a writer

This week we play with imagery, metaphor, and rhythm to help you find your own distinctive writer's voice. We look at how to use color and texture to make your writing more vivid, and how to choose the perfect word for what you want to say.

A confident and creative voice is an important part of what makes a writer a "category of one." This week is all about strengthening that.

Week Two (four days): Making your writing shine

When we say "that's a really good piece of writing," we're nearly always looking at the result of a solid editorial process.

In this workshop, we learn a system for that process. It efficiently takes your writing from "pretty good" to "outstanding." We look at how to trim your writing for excellence (and what to do with those trimmings), and how to polish the rough edges for writing that's silky smooth.

Bonus workshop: The Excellent, Sustainable Blog

There are a lot of benefits to a really good blog — but showing up regularly can become an exhausting grind. This four-session workshop will teach you what matters (and what doesn't) for your relationship-building content, and helps give you the strategies for consistent creative output.

Bonus workshop: Smarter Email Marketing

Email is still the most powerful persuasion channel for most projects. In this three-session workshop, we'll look at models for email newsletters that nurture your relationship with your audience. And we'll learn how to make sure the time you spend is serving a business purpose.

Additional workshops will be scheduled for later in the year, and we're always interested in knowing what topics you want to learn more about! As a member of Creative Fierce, you have unlimited access to all of our workshops as long as your membership remains current.

  • Copyblogger founder Brian Clark
    “Sonia is one of the best writers in the content marketing space, period. Her unique mix of expertise, sass, and empathy clearly demonstrate how a distinctive voice can lead to content that resonates with the right people.”
    Copyblogger founder Brian Clark

Our Secret Sauce: Supportive Accountability

A friendly, supportive environment to help you implement what you're learning

Creative confidence comes from shipping the work

The more work you create, the better it gets ... and the more confident you become. But "just do the work" is completely unhelpful advice when we're feeling distracted, unmotivated, and insecure.

When you join us inside Creative Fierce, you get unlimited access to weekly implementation sessions, to practice what you're learning.

Not just today ... but week in and week out as long as you remain a member.

Creative Fierce harnesses the power of smart, ultra productive group of people ... who didn't necessarily all start out as "ultra productive." You'll be joining the existing members of Creative Fierce, who have been meeting and slaying their to-do lists for months now. Here's what Danielle had to say:

"8 weeks ago, I was wrapping up my maternity leave. I was feeling really lost and overwhelmed with getting back into the rhythm of my business.

"Creative Fierce has been the perfect container to get me back into action. I've gotten shit done. I've made more money. And, most importantly, I feel so much better.

"Sonia's guidance in the Monday and Friday check-ins has been a game-changer. On weeks where I've been distracted and not really committed to my specific 3 things, it showed. It's been so powerful to make this commitment to myself, show up, and get a shot of compassion and courage every Monday morning and Friday afternoon. I'm so grateful for Sonia's kind, compassionate leadership. Just sign up already! Seriously. You won't regret it." - Danielle Baird

  • Danielle Baird
    Creative Fierce has been the perfect container to get me back into action. I've gotten shit done. I've made more money. And, most importantly, I feel so much better."
    Danielle Baird

Strategy and Marketing Advice

Focused training from a content marketing pioneer

Creative confidence comes from getting seen

Excellence is wonderful, but it's not much fun if no one ever sees it.

Sonia was one of the founding partners of Copyblogger Media, one of the most influential content marketing blogs on the web. Her 10+ years with Copyblogger give her a unique ability to get your work seen by the people you want to reach.

That's why addition to our retreat on craft and writing mastery, Sonia is adding two workshops on "Invisibility Removal." The blogging and email newsletter workshops will show you how to get your work seen by more people, and grow the audience of folks who want to know what you have to say.

These are simple, habit-based practices that you'll be folding into your regular creative rhythm. We won't follow a cookie-cutter system, but we will give you proven strategies that let you show up and build your authority, week-in and week-out.

Audiences aren't built overnight. That's why we add to our Invisibility Removal library regularly, to keep you growing.

  • Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers
    Close your eyes and imagine a perfect scenario where you get all your marketing problems solved by a magical fairy.

    "Ready? Now open! Ta da! Your fairy has pink hair and is named Sonia. Let the magic begin!”
    Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers

What's Next?

Lots of encouragement along the way

We work hard to keep our sessions fast and focused, so that Creative Fierce doesn't become just another impediment to getting good work done.

But we do make time at the end of each session to check in and see how you're doing. If you're feeling confused, stuck, or frustrated, we're happy to give you some ideas for getting moving again.

These aren't long, drawn-out sessions. They're quick encouragement and advice so you can keep moving and growing.

One of the hardest things about getting (and staying) creatively productive is shifting from neutral to first gear.

It's hard to start moving when we're stressed out, confidence-challenged, and distracted.

That's why Creative Fierce is adding optional "What's Next" calls. These are quick coaching calls with Sonia or one of our other coaches (your choice) to zero in on your next steps. We'll figure out where you are, look at where you want to go, and get a back-of-the-envelope plan to get you moving in the right direction.

What's Next calls are exclusively available to members of Creative Fierce, and cost $100.

If you want to discuss additional one-on-one coaching, let us know and we'll see what availability looks like.

The space we need to do our best work

Creative Fierce gives you a reliable framework to support your most important habits, without being so rigid that you end up feeling like trash. (Because that's how people quit showing up for themselves, and we want you to keep moving.)

It gives you the techniques that excellent writers use to craft the words that move our audiences.

It gives you regular advice on getting your work seen by the wider audience that will sustain your goals.

And it gives you a chance to chat with our team one-on-one so you can start strong and stay strong.

Advanced productivity bonuses help you implement what you learn

  • Joe P.
    It's a perfect fit at this point in my life: I get to work with a group, from all over the world, that shares my vision for a life of creativity and freedom."
    Joe P.

Creative Fierce is designed to be the resource that changes everything for you.

That gets you to actually do all that stuff you know you need to do. But we have a few cornerstone values that you should know about before you jump in.

  • Value #1: We are "FOMO-free"

    "FOMO" is "fear of missing out" — and it's a huge contributor to overwhelm and procrastination. If I have anything to say about it, Creative Fierce is going to be around for a long time. So you don't need to attend every implementation session, every check-in, or listen to every workshop. The program is structured around ultra-consistent small habits. These create a dependable safety net to make sure you never fall completely off track. Beyond that, how much you do will depend on the time and energy you have in that given time. It is impossible to "get behind" in Creative Fierce.

  • Value #2: We support your autonomy

    Creative Fierce is about growing, doing, and making on your own terms. No gurus, no "money getting systems." We'll give you the structures and habits that will help you decide your own path, and stick to it. And we'll help you troubleshoot when you're not where you want to be. We're here to be your coaches, not your cult leaders.

  • Value #3: We respect one another

    Respect is a cornerstone of Creative Fierce. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other disrespectful behaviors will not be allowed. Respect isn't just about what you say, it's also about what you do. Because of this, members with businesses that violate the value of Respect will not be permitted to remain in Creative Fierce. Unless all of us are safe and free, none of us is safe or free.

"I have picked up two additional retainer clients ..."

  • Beth Hayden
    I'm a copywriter, and I have picked up two additional retainer clients since I started Creative Fierce. It's not a coincidence – my productivity has gone through the roof and I can fit more writing in every week. Bonus: The people in Creative Fierce are fantastic! I really look forward to seeing them and interacting with them in the sessions."
    Beth Hayden


What's in the retreat?

The Content Writers Retreat is a two-week (eight session) workshop on the art and craft of writing, particularly for content creators. Sonia Simone talks about your unique writer's voice, the words you choose, how to handle humor, using imagery to make your writing more vivid, and lots more.

The first week focuses primarily on voice, and the second primarily on editing and polishing.

The retreat sessions are available for instant access as soon as you join.

What's the blogging workshop about?

In this workshop, Sonia teaches how to launch your own Excellent, Sustainable Blog. She talks about the essential structures that every great blog needs, and how to focus your time and attention on what will drive the results you care about. She shares some resources to get a blog launched quickly, as well as the strategies she helped perfect at Copyblogger for keeping your momentum.

This workshop is suitable for people launching a brand-new blog, as well as those who want to improve a site they already have.

What's the email workshop about?

This three-session bonus workshop is about stronger email newsletters, and is designed to work together with the blogging workshop as well as the retreat.

You'll also have access to any workshops that get added during your active membership. Creative Fierce members have unlimited access to all of the program resources, other than the What's Next calls.

How do the implementation sessions fit in?

Our "focus sprint" implementation sessions give you the space and time to sit down and do exercises from the course, or incorporate what you've just learned into an existing project.

You get unlimited access to all of our implementation sessions as long as you remain a member. (And we hope you'll renew for more productivity and future workshops.) You'll join our wonderfully productive (and nice) existing members, who meet multiple times a week to get their important work done.

Do I have to work on retreat materials in the implementation sessions?

Nope! You can work on anything you need to get done. Scheduled group sessions give you a framework that makes it easy to block off time in your calendar. And you'll have the power of friendly accountability to keep you on task.

Implementation sessions are a fantastic time to work on any "important but not urgent" projects — like writing your book, updating your blog, or getting consistent with your newsletter.

What time are the implementation sessions held?

Because our three founders live in three different parts of the world, we offer regular weekly sessions at times that are convenient for Europeans, Australians, and North Americans. Most of the European sessions are at 10:00 AM Central European Time, and most of the Australian sessions are at 10:00 AM Eastern Australia (Sydney) Time. Our North American sessions are usually at 12:00 Noon Eastern U.S. time.

You can see our live calendar on this page. The session blocks are displayed in Eastern U.S. time, but if you click the block and choose "Copy to my calendar" you'll see the session for your own time zone.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

Even if you never make a live implementation session, the retreat and bonus workshops are a great deal at this price. (And the free call with Torill makes it an even better value.)

The implementation sessions are incredibly helpful, but if you don't have bandwidth for them now, you'll still get a lot out of the program.

What's the "What's Next" call about?

These are optional coaching calls you can purchase to help you work through a specific stuck spot. You have your choice of coaches from our three founders, and the calls are $100.

For a limited time, our partner Torill Wilhelmsen (founder of Slow Business Adventure) is offering a free "What's Next" call to new members to help them make the most of the program.

The program cost

Sonia wanted to make Creative Fierce something that would provide the benefits she has enjoyed from super high-end private masterminds.

But we also wanted to keep it affordable for as many folks as possible. So it can become a true community, and not just a small club of elites.

The monthly enrollment fee for Creative Fierce is $115 for unlimited access to the education, encouragement, and our zero-overwhelm productivity system.

If you just get one additional project out the door every month (you'll probably find it's more like one a week ... or better), the program effortlessly pays for itself.

If you're ready to quit trying to wade through quicksand, we're here to help pull you out.

Get started at the link below.

(By the way, of course, if you get into the program and it's just not your jam, let us know within 30 days and we'll be more than happy to get you a full refund. Creative Fierce only works when everyone inside really wants to be there.)

Retreat + bonus workshops + 1 month of Creative Fierce

A zero-overwhelm system for getting focused work done

Instant access: Retreat on writing voice and editing for excellence (8 lectures)

Bonus workshop on sustainable blogging for the long haul

Bonus workshop on smarter email marketing

Limited time bonus: "What's Next" call with Torill Wilhelmsen

Unlimited access: Billed monthly