• Get it done

    A proven framework for getting your creative work done ... consistently

  • Make it excellent

    Advice and support on making your writing wonderful

  • Find your audience

    Get your work seen by more of the right people

  • A "zero overwhelm" system

    No long tutorials. No material you're going to feel "behind" if you miss. Just plug in and get creative.

Get yourself a system for creative confidence

With 2020 finally behind us, what will make things better in 2021?

Resilience? (Yes.) Determination? (Yes.) A little bit of ferocity? (Definitely.)

And more than those ... creativity.

2020 did a lot to break the world ... and now it's time to pick up those pieces and build something amazing to move forward.

Creative Fierce is a brand-new program designed to unlock your fierce creative spirit ... and harness it to get remarkable work done.

Working together, we're going to:

  • Get it done with a sustainable, burnout-free framework to ship your work.
  • Make it excellent with proven techniques and advice that create excellent writing.
  • Grow your audience with "invisibility removal" to get your work seen.

Creative confidence comes from shipping the work

The more work you create, the better it gets ... and the more confident you become.

But "just do the work" is completely unhelpful advice when we're feeling distracted, unmotivated, and insecure.

Creative Fierce harnesses the power of smart, ultra productive group of people ... who didn't necessarily all start out as "ultra productive."

You'll be joining the existing members of Sonia's Growth Club, who have been meeting and slaying their to-do lists for a few months now.

Here's what Danielle had to say:

8 weeks ago, I was wrapping up my maternity leave. I was feeling really lost and overwhelmed with getting back into the rhythm of my business.

Growth Club has been the perfect container to get me back into action. I've gotten shit done. I've made more money. And, most importantly, I feel so much better.

Sonia's guidance in the Monday and Friday check-ins has been a game-changer. On weeks where I've been distracted and not really committed to my specific 3 things, it showed.

It's been so powerful to make this commitment to myself, show up, and get a shot of compassion and courage every Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

I'm so grateful for Sonia's kind, compassionate leadership. Just sign up already! Seriously. You won't regret it.

- Danielle Baird

Creative confidence comes from excellence

Creative Fierce isn't just about getting work done. (Although consistently producing work will do more for your confidence and abilities than anything else we do.)

It's also about getting the advice and techniques to bring your work to the next level.

Sonia will be sharing lessons from her popular Remarkable Writer's Workshop on making your writing remarkable. We'll talk about the music of language, how to choose the perfect word, and how to generate all the creative ideas you need.

And we share simple daily creative habits that will start to make you see the world with the eyes of an artist ... and translate that artistry to your work.

Sonia has taught these techniques to hundreds of happy workshop participants ... and hundreds of thousands of writers over her decade with Copyblogger.

For Creative Fierce, these sessions are being reworked to be

  • More focused,
  • More flexible, and
  • Easier to implement

We're shifting from longer, webinar-style presentations to focused, podcast-style sessions that you can take with you anywhere.

You'll get the same proven framework that's been helping writers for years now. But this version is much easier to stick with and to get incorporated into your writing today.

Creative confidence comes from getting seen

Excellence is wonderful, but it's not much fun if no one ever sees it.

Sonia is adding regular "Invisibility Removal" sessions on how to get your work seen by more people, and grow the audience of folks who want to know what you have to say.

These are simple, habit-based practices that you'll be folding into your regular creative rhythm. We won't follow a cookie-cutter system, but we will give you a simple framework that lets you show up and build your authority, week-in and week-out.

Audiences aren't built overnight. That's why we'll work on Invisibility Removal every month, to keep you growing.

Lots of encouragement along the way

We work hard to keep our sessions fast and focused, so that Creative Fierce doesn't become just another impediment to getting good work done.

But we do make time at the end of each session to check in and see how you're doing. If you're feeling confused, stuck, or frustrated, we're happy to give you some ideas for getting moving again.

These aren't long, drawn-out sessions. They're quick encouragement and advice so you can keep moving and growing.

What's Next: One-on-one time to break through a stuck spot

I've seen that one of the hardest things about getting (and staying) creatively productive is shifting from neutral to first gear.

It's hard to start moving when we're stressed out, confidence-challenged, and distracted.

That's why Creative Fierce is adding optional "What's Next" calls. These are 20-minute calls with Sonia or one of our other coaches (your choice) to zero in on your next steps.

We'll figure out where you are, look at where you want to go, and get a back-of-the-envelope plan to get you moving in the right direction.

As a student of mine once said,

If I can move it an inch, I can move it a mile." - Judy of the Woods

What's Next calls are exclusively available to members of Creative Fierce, and cost $100. If you want to discuss additional one-on-one coaching, let us know and we'll see what availability looks like.

The space we need to do our best work

Creative Fierce gives you a reliable framework to support your most important habits, without being so rigid that you end up feeling like trash. (Because that's how people quit showing up for themselves, and we want you to keep moving.)

It gives you the techniques that excellent writers use to craft the words that move our audiences.

It gives you regular advice on getting your work seen by the wider audience that will sustain your goals.

And it gives you a chance to chat with Sonia one-on-one so you can start strong and stay strong.

Remarkable results

Our first group of members have been accomplishing incredible things.

  • His first week in Growth Club, Terance knocked out an annoying (but important) task that had been on his list for four years. (And he hasn't slowed down since then.)
  • Dr. R uses the space to set boundaries around the demands of work politics — so she can focus on the work that actually makes a difference in her career.
  • Silje has made steady progress on her book, working through the tricky parts to find creative breakthroughs.

We give our people the support and breathing room to do important work, to do it well ... and to get it done consistently.

Like details? Here are some specifics

A weekly structure to keep you productive

Our sessions are short ... you can generally get in and out in under 15 minutes, other than focused coworking times. Information is delivered podcast-style, so you can take it with you while you take a walk or do a simple task. And we respect the boundaries of our schedule, without losing a lot of time to chit-chat.

We work on cornerstone habits that support and nurture us. (We'll walk through exactly what those look like for you ... because everyone is different.)

I don't know if you've ever read a productivity book or joined a program that starts with,

It's simple ... every day wake up two hours early, go for a long run, meditate for an hour, and cook a healthy gourmet breakfast."

Yeah, this isn't that. (If you could do that, you wouldn't need a program. Duh.)

Instead, together we craft personalized, realistic, and easy habit structures to keep you on track. Micro commitments will give you a solid win every day. And we set the stage for more advanced efforts, when there's time and energy to do more.

We meet briefly as a group twice a week, to stay motivated and connected. On Mondays, we get the week lined up and ready to work on the most important priorities. On Fridays, we check in to assess what went well and what needs to work better. Every Friday, we also craft a quick obstacle-busting plan for the following week.

We also have scheduled slots for digital coworking, where we help each other stay on task and get the important things done. Members use this time for client work, to write books, to get their weekly blog content or newsletters published, as well as for focused work for their 9-5s. (One member used a session to declutter her living room.)

Anything that needs your focused attention can get done in a coworking session.

Once a month, we get together for at least one Deep Dive work day. This is scheduled time for deep focus on big projects — in a digital coworking environment that makes it easy to keep your commitment.

Education that respects your time

Throughout the month, you'll get podcast-style coaching workshops on writing techniques.

As soon as you log in, you'll see a few instant-access sessions. These cover smart productivity habits for creative workers.

Starting in early December, Sonia will be teaching the content from her Remarkable Writing Workshop, on the techniques that make for remarkable writing that moves our audiences.

And one week a month we'll shift to Invisibility Removal, to grow your audience for all the remarkable work you're creating.

The format for these is focused and portable. You're always encouraged to take your workshop content out for a walk or a drive ... it will help you get even more out of the material.

Multiple time zones

Creative Fierce is international, and we offer sessions in three time zones: North America, Europe, and Australia.

Our members are welcome to mix and match sessions, and to attend any time zone that works for them. For example, North American night owls enjoy the Australian sessions, which happen at the end of the day on our side of the world.

You can even attend two different sessions in the same day if you like. On a recent "Deep Dive" coworking day, one of our members worked on her book for three hours in Norway and another three in North America.

Whether you get your best work done at midnight, at the crack of dawn, or during a more traditional work day, chances are very good that we'll have times that work for you.

Creative Fierce is designed to be the resource that changes everything for you.

That gets you to actually do all that stuff you know you need to do.

But we have a few cornerstone values that you should know about before you jump in.

Value #1: We are "FOMO-free"

"FOMO" is "fear of missing out" — and it's a huge contributor to overwhelm and procrastination.

If I have anything to say about it, Creative Fierce is going to be around for a long time. So you don't need to attend every coworking session, every check-in, or listen to every workshop.

The program is structured around ultra-consistent small habits. These create a dependable safety net to make sure you never fall completely off track. Beyond that, how much you do will depend on the time and energy you have in that given time.

It is impossible to "get behind" in Creative Fierce.

Value #2: We support your autonomy

Creative Fierce is about growing, doing, and making on your own terms.

No gurus, no "money getting systems." We'll give you the structures and habits that will help you decide your own path, and stick to it. And we'll help you troubleshoot when you're not where you want to be.

I'm here to be your coach, not your cult leader.

Value #3: We respect one another

Respect is a cornerstone of Creative Fierce. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other disrespectful behaviors will not be allowed.

Respect isn't just about what you say, it's also about what you do. Because of this, members with businesses that violate the value of Respect will not be permitted to remain in Creative Fierce.

Unless all of us are safe and free, none of us is safe or free.

The cost

I wanted to make Creative Fierce something that would provide the benefits I've enjoyed from super high-end private masterminds.

But I also wanted to keep it affordable for as many folks as possible. So it can become a true community, and not just a small club of elites.

The monthly enrollment fee for Creative Fierce is $115 for unlimited access to the education, encouragement, and our zero-overwhelm productivity system.

If you just get one additional project out the door every month (you'll probably find it's more like one a week ... or better), the program effortlessly pays for itself.

But we strongly encourage you to commit to a full year. That's the best way to reach the level of transformation that create meaningful change for you. That's why we're offering 12 months of the program for $1000, a $380 savings.

If you're ready to quit trying to wade through quicksand, we're here to help pull you out. You can get started at the link below.

(By the way, of course, if you get into the program and it's just not your jam, let us know within 30 days and we'll be more than happy to get you a full refund. Creative Fierce only works when everyone inside really wants to be there.)

Creative Fierce (month to month)

A zero-overwhelm system for getting focused work done

Individual support and guidance

Regular "invisibility removal" podcast workshops

Billed monthly