Five Good Eggs

Good People Day 2008

Blogger Gary Vaynerchuk has dubbed April 3 as good people day around the blogosphere, so I thought I’d point you to five very good eggs whose blogs are characterized by generosity of spirit and great advice. Some of them are very successful and some less well-known, but I think you will get a lot out of reading any or all of these folks.

These are in no particular order other than boy-girl-boy-girl. For every good egg I mentioned here, of course there are a dozen more, but it just so happens that the cool istock photo I found had five!

  1. Naomi Dunford at Ittybiz . Naomi & I have been pals ever since she wandered over here, said hi to Seth in the comments (he said hi back), sent a donation to Smiletrain, and then toddled off to start a blog that trounced the pants off mine. Ittybiz is snarky and funny and honest and has a ton of great advice. Ittybiz is Naomi, in other words.
  2. Chris Brogan at Chris is the guy to read if you want to understand how community and the online world come together, what that means, what it can look like, and why we should care. He’s been so consistently friendly, open, and generous with his time, in addition to putting out a ton of great content and holding down a significant day job, that he makes me feel like a gigantic slacker.
  3. Colleen Wainright, aka the communicatrix. Colleen is very funny and very smart and writes a damned good newsletter. Plus she is both sharp and kind, which is my favorite combination. She writes about marketing and writing and acting and not being a jerk and other good stuff. You would like her.
  4. Maki (what’s Maki’s last name, anyway?) over at DoshDosh thinks about everything too much. Then he writes it all up in intelligent, thoughtful posts and we get to benefit from it. The guy works insanely hard and seems to be motivated by a desire to help everyone in the universe get stuff the way he does. He’s often the first to Sphinn or Digg a post, and he’s a great example of the good you can do when you put others first.
  5. Caroline Middlebrook at is probably the most honest make-money-online blogger in the history of the Internet. She’ll tell you all about the stuff she’s tried that failed miserably. She’ll tell you about her relationship that fell apart. If there’s a link on her site that makes money, she makes a point of letting you know how that works. Her blog is a little like that Penn & Teller magic trick where they cut Teller in half, but they use a clear acrylic box–you get to see exactly what makes it all work. And there’s no way I could make a "good egg" post without mentioning Caro. I don’t really know her, but I admire her a lot and am always glad to see what she’s doing.

Those are my nominations of the day for five good eggs! Who are your favorite good eggs around the Web? Let us know in the comments.