Setting the table

It’s been kind of eerie in here as I’m working on providing a reasonable baseline of content before I try to drive any traffic in. It’s a little like setting the table before a big party. Who’s going to show up? Will everyone get along and have a fabulous time? How drunk are they going to get?

If you happen to come by early, I’m always happy to get a comment or email. And if you have a great idea for a guest blog post here, let me know that too. I’d like to open this up to different voices and different ideas about making better connections. So far I’ve mostly made business posts, but I’d love to see this branch into other realms as well, especially communicating ideas for nonprofits and social change.

I’ll just go back to ironing the tablecloth now . . . see you at the party.


  1. Daniel Edlen says:

    I’ve made a habit of going back to early posts to see how people start off, how a blog finds its voice. Maybe I have too much time. ;) But as a professional artist living the dream of painting and promoting, I like learning in depth about those I’ve found initially intriguing. I hope I don’t become a bother by commenting on old posts, but this one is wonderful, capturing how you felt. I sort of still feel that way, a couple people who wandered in both invited and uninvited joining in, but most peeking in the door and not even asking if there is chips and salsa.

    Thanks for your writings.

    Daniel Edlens last blog post..VA™ – Now I Can Merchandise Vinyl Art!


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