New Look for Remarkable Communication

As you may have seen, we released the Prose theme for WordPress today, and in honor of that, we decided to switch Remarkable Communication over.

I’m really enjoying the new look, and I hope you are too! I wanted to return a bit more to the “earthy crunchy” look I had early on, but keeping a nice professional design.

Also, Prose has threaded comments built in, so we can reply to each other’s comments now! This one took me some time to get used to over on Copyblogger, but now I love it for the way it facilitates conversation and community.

And finally, a tip of my hat to the lovely Brian Gardner, my new business partner and all-around great dude, for staying up late with me last night to make the switch. :)

(By the way, if you want to see what the Prose theme looks like without additional styling, check out the demo. I actually love that ultra clean white and gray layout, it looks particularly good with a few bright images. But we also wanted to show how much you can change the look of the theme just with a custom header and a few color tweaks.)


  1. Keenpath says:

    Great new look! It is a great example of how flexible Prose is. I like the header graphic.
    Keenpath´s last [type] ..Weekly Trail Links- Who is managing your SEO

    • Sonia Simone says:

      Yeah — we didn’t want folks to feel like Prose could “only look like Prose.” Rafal Tomal, who’s an in-house designer for StudioPress, did the header from a favorite image of mine — I really like the way he worked it. Everything else is just design settings. :)

  2. Wow great stuff. I just got the email that Prose came out, since I am an owner of other child themes, and hadn’t had a chance to see it in action until just now.

    I’m planning on creating an internet marketing blog for myself this week and I’m going to use Prose!

    Jordan Godbey´s last [type] ..The new fiancés in Acapulco- Mexico

  3. JC says:

    Sweet new look to the site!

    I’m running a Genesis theme with Agency on one of my sites and I really like it.

  4. Carole says:

    Ooooh, how pretty! I love this new design. And I love that you’ve gone back to that sprout just dripping with and open to possibility. That’s what reading here does for me: opens my mind to new possibilities. Thank you.
    Carole´s last [type] ..Wildlife Garden Weekly

  5. Looks great Sonia. Have to confess, not a huge fan of threaded comments… they seem a bit overwhelming to me… but I suspect am being a luddite.

    • Sonia Simone says:

      I didn’t like them before because it was hard for me to swing back around and see what was new. But now that I’m used to them on CB, I’ve come to really like the way they can create new little mini conversations without resorting to long awkward comments with a dozen “@” signs.

  6. Beth says:

    Love it! I was within a gnat’s ass of buying Prose anyway & seeing your site has cinched it. Off to buy & hook it up on my green blog – Smart Family Tips.


  7. Looks great! I grabbed Prose last night and want to try it out too. Good to see it in action here.
    Paul Cunningham´s last [type] ..How do you make your Products more Engaging and Effective

  8. Lisa Wood says:

    Love the new look, Sonia. It seems more “you” :)
    Lisa Wood´s last [type] ..Saturday Reflection- On Milestones and Jumping

  9. John Soares says:


    This looks good — cool, clean, comfortable. I just had two of my blogs redesigned with one of those — ahem — other popular premium themes, but I’m sending my web designer this site to get his thoughts.
    John Soares´s last [type] ..Setting Writing Priorities — What’s Most Important Now

  10. Stan Lenssen says:

    Compliments. Looks warm and good. Many differences, but still enough recognizability to feel very much at home.
    Stan Lenssen´s last [type] ..3D Workshop- Makkelijke ideeën voor snelle blogposts- zo doe je dat!

  11. Shane says:

    I love the site and you are the greatest! Look forward to the continued articles….
    Shane´s last [type] ..iPad App Price Drops October 13th- 2010

  12. Carol Hess says:

    Congratulations, Sonia, on your new look. I think it’s terrific. It feels like you. I love the threaded comments feature. I’d be switching to Prose in a heartbeat if I hadn’t just recently switched to Thesis. Oh well. Next blog. :)

  13. Carol Hess says:

    Just noticed that the clock on your comments is wrong. It says I posted at 3:25 pm when I actually posted at 11:25 am East Coast time. If you care. Doesn’t matter to me.

  14. Fran Civile says:

    Great look Sonia, although your page always looked good to me … but that’s not what one says when visiting someone’s new home now, is it? Just take it as meaning that I always like your style and especially what you have to say!

    Fran Civile´s last [type] ..About Life Advice and Sunscreen

  15. This is a cool example. I downloaded prose a day or two ago and have been trying to figure out whether to use it. This is simple and impressive. I like the idea that it is really designed for test blogs. I didn’t think some of the others worked as well for this purpose.
    mike kirkeberg´s last [type] ..Sherlock Holmes- Boomers- and the Power of Intention

  16. Clarabela says:

    I love your new look. It almost makes me want to switch over to Genesis just to give Prose a try.

  17. wilson says:

    Like the color and the header it looks clean. I’ve been wanting to go with a clean cut theme like this on my blog.
    wilson´s last [type] ..Everyone is Talking About It Online

  18. Karen Swim says:

    Sonia, I really like the new look. I had visited the Prose site earlier this weekend and was intrigued by the style and child frameworks, It helps to see a real live example from a familiar site.
    Karen Swim´s last [type] ..Extinguishing the Flames of Lack with Water

  19. Ms_Krista says:

    Love the typography! very crisp.

  20. Patty says:

    I just watched the video posted on ProBlogger from Blog World Expo, and had to find you and tell you how much I enjoyed it! I am very new to this side of blogging, and I’m thrilled to see such lovely people making a living at this!
    Patty´s last [type] ..Lesson 1: Do some research before you name your blog

  21. Hey! Remember me? I replied to that Steve Jobs comment you made on copy blogger regarding Pixar…

    Anyway enough with the random comments from me :P I just wanted to say this is such a cool look and by cool I mean the literal meaning cool. Very fresh feel…. It almost feels like I have been cleansed just by looking at it! :D

    Well I will be spending some time over the next while reading through some of your posts, I am a business studies teacher and marketing is by far and away my favorite section. Looking forward to a few radical ideas I hope!

    Mark Kearney | Loaded London´s last [type] ..Good times! -

  22. Very nice! Clean, soft and welcoming.
    Coreen Tossona´s last [type] ..Can your brand draw in 200-000 people without telling them what they will get

  23. Refreshing new look but my comment is about lesson six in your Marketing Toolkit email offering. In fact, I want to briefly analyze how you “Got Me” :-)

    You wrote: “That’s actually what’s great about it. With commitment and focus, you can pull ahead of 99% of your competitors.

    “I know that you already have those qualities. You continue to read this newsletter to improve your skills.”

    Those sentences put ME into the lesson! They made mere words on a page turn into a warm hug…

    “I’m betting you use other resources to make your marketing and communication more effective.”

    I do but if I weren’t the previous sentences’ injection of warm-fuzzy would inspire me to do it :-)

  24. Congratulations. It looks much cleaner and fresher than the last theme.

    Btw, can’t get enough out of this post:

    50 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew

    Still your #1 ? :)
    Codrut Turcanu´s last [type] ..Hapiness VS Financial Gains I Lessons from 20-year Study for Authors and not only

  25. Kinda late but I’m just gonna hop in and say two things:

    1. I love Prose!
    2. I love the blue that you’ve used for your background!

    Carry on. And Happy New Year Sonia!! #toomanyexclamationpoints #sorry

  26. Love the new look! One of the good things about the design is that it’s gender neutral. It also is one of the few blogs with 3 columns that looks uncluttered.

    I’m impressed by the Prose theme and will take a good look at it. I”m often asked which premium themes I recommend. That’s a hard question to answer – because I’m not that fond of the ones I’m currently using.

    I’ve got Goodlife ZEN and A-List Blogging Bootcamps on Thesis (too complex for non-techies), Write to Done is on Catalyst (it’s, well … ok). And a blog that I was recently given, Virgin Blogger Notes, is on Headway. That theme has the ugliest default comment format I’ve ever seen. So, I’m not keen to recommend any of them. Great to see a new option!

  27. Laura says:

    The new look is nice, I like the colours. But, seems it killed your blog. lol

    Came here from the blogroll on Restless Writers.

  28. Jeff Goins says:

    I’m thinking of switching over to Prose. Currently on Platform by Pagelines, which I really like, but I think the Genesis framework is a bit more solid for customization and SEO.
    Jeff Goins´s last [type] ..How We Learn from Politics to Write the Things Worth Writing